I have decided to train for a marathon.  I used to do a lot of jogging for personal exercise.  I never signed up for any races or anything and I eventually got bored with it.  That wasn’t that big a deal when I still didn’t have a car and was forced to walk or ride my bike everywhere.  But now that I’m commuting everyday in a car the weight has really been creeping back on.  Plus, about 6 months ago I tried some new (for me) birth control pills and I put on 20 pounds in 3 months.  I was having a really difficult time getting back into the habit of exercising, especially since it wasn’t necessary to get me from point A to point B. Then I thought about my great-uncle who is in his 80’s and still runs marathons.  If he can do it, why not me?

So I found a training schedule online that was the perfect length as it ended when the Austin Marathon is held.  I’m using the 26 week version.  The first ten weeks are just to get me back in the habit of running again, then the next sixteen is about slowly building up distance until I’m ready for the marathon.  I know how easy it is to give up on something, though, if no one else knows about it.  So I’ve told my husband and my sister and I wanted to announce it on my blog in order to give myself more motivation to stick with it.

I’ve just done the run/walk 20 minutes a few times and I already had shin splints.  (I hate those).  So I looked up some info on marathonrookie.com about how to avoid them/treat them. Of course I had done about everything on the list that gives you shin splints:  (1) I had started running again after a long period of little exercise. (2)  I had run on concrete, up and down steep hills.  (3) A lot of trashcans were taking up the sidewalks so I was doing a lot of hopping on and off the curbs. (4)  My shoes were old.  So I’m following their advice to skip a couple days until they feel better.  Unfortunately that coincided with the first couple of days back at school, which involves a lot of walking up and down hills and stairs.  But today my lower legs feel back to normal so I’m going back running tomorrow morning.  This time I’ll make sure to stretch properly and I’ll go ahead and drive down to the running trail by the lake.  I’ll keep y’all posted on how I’m doing!